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Herod's Slaughter of the Innocent at Christmas

Greyhound Bus Station
Boulder Colorado
December 26, 1996 12:15 AM
Twenty Five Years after King Solomon's Gate

Rocky Mountain News

It had been a fun day. It was the first family type christmas I had had in years. Colorado seemed to be working out. I had arrived in late November 1996 to work at US West Yellow pages as a software designer on the Sales Application "Wild Thing". James Mac Read, a fellow 4th Dimension software designer, had graciously invited me to his home to have Christmas dinner with him, his wife and four kids. I couldn't help wondering how he managed it all and still found time to be a Deacon in his church, and do all the other things he was involved in. He was a stereotypical pillar of his community and yet had still found the time and compassion to invite a newcomer to the community into his home on Christmas day.

Mac dropped me at the corner in Longmont just as the bus arrived towards six o'clock in the evening and I rode it into Boulder Colorado for the transfer to Greyhound which would take me back to Denver. When the bus arrived, the Denver bus had just left and the schedule indicated it would be another hour for the next bus.

I got bored waiting after a few minutes and began to explore the area around the station. I looked for an expresso shop diagonally across the road from the station and then went to find one. I got back to the station just in time to see the bus pull out. I hollered to try to get Drivers attention but he ignored me and drove off.

I checked the schedule and now I had to wait until Nine. I passed the time as best I could in the station waiting for my bus. As nine came and went the station master told me that the bus had been canceled and now I would have to wait for the next one just after Midnight. I began to worry about getting enough sleep to be at work fresh and on time in the morning.

My worry started to turn to panic when the bus did not show on time. The station master was less than sympathetic after a long day, but assured me it "should" be here.

I paced back an forth, chain smoking even more than what was at the time my normal three packs a day. Finally the bus arrived and pulled into the station in the fifth or sixth bay away from the ticket counter and parked. Apparently the driver was taking a break. The bus would be leaving in ten minutes. As the time for departure neared, I ran out of matches and wanted one last butt before I got on. I made an oddly large number of inquires and got turned down by everybody, so I made my way towards the bus again, fearful I would screw it up again. As I approached the bus a Gaggle of half a dozen people stood in a circle in animated conversation and one single lone figure was standing near the bus's open door. He had just arrived at the spot. It must have been about 1:00 AM. The figure was stooped, thin, and a little emaciated, about 5'11" as I recall. The figure straightened up as I approached and turned his head to look at me. As I crossed the last few feet his eye's widened in increasing panic. I was "in motion" for the last few steps and raised my unlit cigarette, asking "You got a light?". As I did so the figures eyes flared wide, his face contorted in fear and horror and he let out a drawn out "ohhhhhh Noooooo", his tenor voice filled with horror.

The "vibe" off the man was overwhelming. I believe I actually took two steps directly back before I turned to walk away thinking "Geez guess I'll get my light elsewhere". The encounter left me troubled. Altho I was primarily looking at his face and its reaction, in memory,... he was wearing a western fleece vest with a shiny red spot in the area just over his heart. I wandered off for a minute or two but the bus began to board so I did also.

The bus was packed. As I made my way back to find a seat I passed Karr(?) sitting on the left side in an isle seat about a quarter of the way back, we both reacted with a start. I found a seat about half way back on the right side and sat down in the Isle seat. Almost immediately he began to look back at me over his shoulder, then he averted his gaze as he saw me return it. This continued a few times a minute as the bus made its way through Boulder. It became increasingly uncomfortable. The Glaring fearful furtive looks were major creepy. I remember thinking "What the f*ck is this guys problem?". I couldn't figure out why bumming a light would create such a reaction, and soon began to wish he would just "go away", I was beginning to get angry. (Others on that bus HAD to notice this) Then he did. The bus pulled in for a second stop somewhere on the outskirts of Boulder. It pulled off the highway into a parallel parking area with some commercial type buildings lining the road. With a last couple of glances he got up, pulled a small item off the shelf (backpack), gave a last fearful furtive look, and made his way off the bus to my noticeable relief.

I arrived at work the next morning to hear conversation about the murder the night before. Mac stopped by my cube to talk about it. He asked me if I had "seen anything" and I responded that I thought I may have. I did not want to come forward. I was involved in a series of issues which would greatly complicate such an action and in all probability make it completely fruitless. At first I felt it was probably nothing anyway, assuming the time of death was late in the night not midnight. I also had no idea, and no way of knowing, that the station was actually a short 15 Minute walk from the house. If it was the killer, he must have run into me in just minutes after leaving the body. Later on, when I learned of the time of death, I made half hearted attempts but by then the "Ramsey's did it" fix was in and as I expected it was blown off. I don't think they even really noticed or even bothered to write down my name.

I stated in every interview that followed the arrest of John Mark Karr that I could not provide a reliable ID of the individual involved, altho many stations cut it. Do I think it was Karr? Actually yes I do, but unfortunately, I am no where near sure enough to get on the stand and point a finger. Regrettably. The reverse however may not be true, if Mr Karr is intent on confession, identifying my jacket, clothing, or the distinctive shoes I was wearing that day, would prove his case...

In the topsy turvy mirror world of events related to the Gate,
it somehow almost makes sense that the witness is depending on the perpetrator for an identification
Time will tell.



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The following was posted by Dan Pride Jan 20 2004. At the time all kinds of suspects had been considered and ruled out. Clearly Dan Pride was so affected by the behaviour of the man he had seen the night of the murder that he was still puzzling over who it could have been 7 years after the murder. He is obviously convinced the man had something to do with the murder 

"web rumors indicate DNA ruled out Phil McReynolds as a suspect in JonBenet's murder, leaving the significance of this event in limbo. The individual I asked for a cigarette light that night was 35 to 50 years old, emaciated, pot bellied, thin, about 5'11 and really terrified of something, perhaps just a schizophrenic having a bad day, perhaps someone who did not want to be seen. His physique reminded me of my father's after years of congestive heart failure. Vaguely cow boyish, He looked sort of like McReynolds from a two second flashed TV photo I saw years later after he died.

After the encounter while waiting for the bus, the skitz boarded it also. The jacket had a ruddy stain about two inches wide and five vertical center chest left, the heart area. He sat one quarter the way back on the midnight Denver greyhound bus from Boulder that night on the right hand side. The individual constantly looked back over his shoulder at me (sitting half way back on the left) giving me the evil eye repeatedly and making me very uncomfortable until he got off at the second stop. (the highway intersection, I think?).

James "Mac" Read, a fellow software (4D) developer at US West, had put me on the 6 o'clock bus from Longmont, It missed the connection, I went for coffee and missed the 7/8 and the 9/10 bus never showed that night leaving me with an unlit cigarette in the boulder station just before midnight. Weird.

An odd time for ME to be stuck in the Boulder Bus Station...minutes after JonBenet Ramsey's Christmas day murder a short distance away a few minutes before. Board Comments The slaughter of innocence linked to the anniversary of the birth. (but no Herod in sight)"



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This was the open letter Dan Pride wrote to the DA's Office on August 18 2006. This was just after Karr had been arrested and Pride is thinking now that the man he saw behaving strangely on the last bus to Denver out of Boulder on Christmas Night might might be Karr.

Original Letter to the District Attorneys office
August 18, 2006

To whom it may concern: I was on the 12.30 am bus from Boulder to Denver on Christmas night. I had spent the day with a friend and family, James "Mac" Read of Longmont Colorado. The nine ocklock bus did not show that night and the midnight greyhound was late. It arrived about 12.30 or so. Just a minute or two before it left* Karr showed up standing on the platform near the the bus. I think he was wearing a western type fleece vest (brown outside white fluff inside). I tried to bum a light for a cigarette from him and he freaked out as I approached with an "ohhhhhh noooooo". He got on the bus and sat on the right side about a quarter the way back on the right side (facing with the bus). He kept looking over his shoulder at me sitting on the left side about half way back. Really kind of freaked me out at the time. He got off at the second stop which I believe was the highway. Why? I haven't a clue, on the surface it doesnt seem to make sense, however he was quite noticible and you should try to locate anyone else who was on the bus that night. My ID is not 100% but its about 90%. As a witness I have credibility problems up the ying, I believe you would not want me involved. However with all the attention you should be able to locate others on the bus that night... it was packed.

If I can be of help of course I would be will to, but as I said you will be better off with another source.

Dan Pride 


Correction: The bus must have left right at one ocklock, it arrived and departed late. The figure arrived at the bus just a minute or two before departure. I missed the connecting bus out Aurora Ave, the Denver Bus system stopped running at 2.00

 Credibility Issues: My reference to "Credibility issues" was a reference to this site. While every single word is correct and true and the events have happened exactly as described, it is of course a defense lawyers dream. A prosecutor would have to spend extensive effort to prove every word and then by the time he got done defending his witness and proving the credibility, the focus of the trial would be lost



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Man says he might have seen Karr in '96

Todd Hartman, Rocky Mountain News
August 26, 2006

Boulder District Attorney investigator Mark Spray has contacted a man who believes he could have encountered the JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect on a bus in the early morning hours of Dec. 26, 1996.

Daniel Pride, now of Portsmouth, N.H., said he was at the downtown bus station in Boulder sometime shortly after 12:30 a.m. when a man arrived, behaving strangely and bearing a resemblance to John Mark Karr, arrested last week in the case.

He said the man didn't want to be noticed and pulled away when Pride asked if he had a light for a cigarette. The man boarded the same bus as Pride, and exchanged strange glances with him once aboard, Pride said.

Pride said the individual was wearing a Western fleece vest with a "shiny red spot" that Pride took to be a stain. Asked how he could remember the event in such detail, Pride said it was because the man acted so strangely, and because he found out about JonBenet's death soon after. At some point after the murder, Pride said he called the tip into Boulder police.

Pride decided to again leave his tip with the DA's office Aug. 18. Spray contacted him five days later, and interviewed him over the phone, Pride said.

Pride provided an e-mail from Spray in which the investigator said he was interested in talking to him. Spray wanted to know what Pride was wearing on the same night, said Pride, who said he thought he could obtain the information from friends who had photos of a gathering that Pride attended on Christmas of 1996.

It's impossible to know the significance of the interview. Those familiar with investigations said Spray could simply be following a lead that could put Karr in Boulder, or might have been trying to corroborate information that he'd already obtained elsewhere.

Pride said the stranger got off the bus on the highway outside of Boulder.

Pride's story seems to have at least one hitch: The Ramsey house is some distance from the downtown Boulder bus station. Even if JonBenet's death occurred prior to midnight - the exact time is unknown - it's a significant walk from that property on 15th Street to the bus depot.

Man says he may have seen Karr in Boulder

Daily Times-Call, The (Longmont Times)
August 27, 2006

The Associated Press Section

A New Hampshire man said Saturday he may have seen JonBenet Ramseyslaying suspect John Mark Karr in Boulder the night she was killed. Daniel Pride of Greenland, N.H., told the Rocky Mountain News he was at the bus station about 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 26, 1996, when a man arrived, wearing a vest with a “shiny red spot” that Pride took to be a stain.

After they boarded the bus, they exchanged strange glances until the man got off the bus a short time later outside of Boulder.

“I could not walk into a court and point a finger at him and say this is the man,” Pride told The Associated Press from his home in Greenland.

Karr’s whereabouts at the time of JonBenet’s slaying are unclear and Boulder County prosecutors have not disclosed any evidence they might have tying him to the crime scene. His family has insisted he was with his family in the South at the time.

Pride said he was interviewed by telephone Wednesday by prosecutors. The DA’s office declined comment Saturday.

Karr set to make first Boulder court appearance - The suspect in JonBenét Ramsey's slaying will be advised of the allegations.

One man believes he saw Karr in Boulder in 1996

The Denver Post
August 28, 2006

Felisa Cardona

[excerpt] Dan Pride, who has a website about the excavation of King Solomon's Gate along with some information on the JonBenét case, said he thinks Karr is the man he saw at a Boulder Greyhound bus station. He said he asked the man for a light for a cigarette. Pride said the man was wearing a fleece vest with a bloodstain on it and was paranoid.

"He said, 'Oh, nooo!' It was very drawn, like kind of a Scrooge Christmas," Pride said of the man's voice. "The guy was terrified as I approached him, and his eyes widened. I'm not confident enough to go to trial, but I think it was him." Pride said he was contacted Wednesday by Investigator Mark Spray with the Boulder County district attorney's office.

"Why is the No. 1 investigator on the case calling me when he hops off the plane with Karr?" Pride asked. "Something that was said to Spray by Karr keyed a reaction. I am presuming here, but the presumption I am making is that Karr is telling the same story I am."

Pride believes Karr got off the bus on the outskirts of Boulder.

Pride stressed that the incident occurred nearly 10 years ago, but he said he contacted authorities about the encounter because of the man's strange behavior so close to the time of the murder of JonBenét and posted information about it on his website in 2002.

"It was such an outrageous claim to make, so I put it up there in a hidden way," he said. When asked about the public or investigators questioning his credibility on the account, Pride said he is not worried. "People are going to think what they want to think. They think (JonBenét's father) JohnRamsey did it for years," he said.


New Twists in Ramsey Murder Case 

CNN Live Today
August 28, 2006

Authors: Daryn Kagan; Chad Myers; Morgan Neill; Rusty Dornin; Jason Carroll; Susan Candiotti; Jeffrey Toobin; Tony Harris; Ali Velshi; Susan Lisovicz; Jim Clancy

KAGAN:  Let's turn to the JonBenet Ramsey case. John Karr set to make his first court appearance today in Colorado. He's expected to be advised of his rights and any charges against him. The hearing is expected to be short, but there's no shortage of questions on the case. Our Susan Candiotti has the latest twist to emerge.


SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN CORRESPONDENT, (voice over): Did this man see John Mark Karr in Boulder the night of JonBenet Ramsey's murder, December 26, 1996? Daniel Pride, who arguably has unusual theories of the world, says he thinks he might have seen Karr and told the story to a Boulder district attorney investigator last week.

 DANIEL PRIDE, CLAIMS ENCOUNTER WITH KARR: In 1996 I was a software developer at U.S. West. A co-worker, James Mac Reed (ph), another forth dimension database designer, invited me to his house to have Christmas dinner with him and his family.

 CANDIOTTI: Pride says after dinner he got dropped off at the Boulder bus terminal and at about 12:30 a.m. . . .

 PRIDE: I came in -- the 12:30 arrived. I was trying to get a light for a cigarette. I was trying to bum a light from virtually everybody in the station and nobody in Boulder smokes. There's one -- I was afraid of missing this bus, as well. As I walked through the -- towards the bus, there's a crowd of people over here and this single lone figure standing there. And as I walked up to him with a cigarette, as I get closer, his eyes, like sort of expanded. And as I walked over and how -- you know how sometimes you're in motion and, going, you got a light? And he goes, oh no.

 CANDIOTTI: He says he wrote about the alleged encounter on his website in 2002. "He was wearing a western fleece vest with a shiny red spot in the area just over his heart." After Karr's arrest in Thailand, Pride says he e-mailed the Boulder D.A.'s office several times and then call a Denver newspaper with his story. He showed CNN this e-mail that appears to be from a Boulder D.A.'s investigator who asks Pride for a phone number. He says the investigator called him and Pride told him he was only 85 percent sure the man he saw was Karr. Pride claims the investigator told him he'd get back to him. Pride admits he has credibility issues. He says he authors websites that suggest a Biblical connection to the Ramseycase. A D.A. spokesman declined to comment on Pride's claims citing a court imposed gag order.

 Did this bus encounter really take place? And if it did, could John Mark Karr have been the man allegedly seen? It's one of the possible leads police will have to accept or reject as they try to place Karr in Boulder the night of the murder.

 Susan Candiotti, CNN, Boulder, Colorado.



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What Dan Pride witnessed

Dan Pride was in Boulder on Christmas night and at about 1 am December 26 he was at the Boulder bus station waiting to catch the Denver bus home. 

He claims he witnessed a man who was acting strangely and that when he found out a murder of a child had occurred in Boulder that night he reported it to police. Nothing came of this and he was never interviewed, he says

When John Mark Karr was arrested in August 2006 Pride was certain he was the man he had seen that night at the bus station. This time Pride wrote a letter to the District Attorney and was subsequently interviewed by Boulder District Attorney investigator Mark Spray, although nothing seems to have resulted from this interview other than the fact that it was reported in the Rocky Mountain News

Subsequently the producers of Larry King Live sought to interview Pride on the show and tried to obtain information about the security videos taken at the bus station the night of the murder. They were told there was a gag order issued to the company and no discussion of any videos would be undertaken. The interview never went ahead. Pride later reported he was told that there had been surveillance tapes made but that they had gone missing.

Dan Pride 29.8.06

I have been told that there was a gag order issued to
 the bus company concerning the video at the station.

Dan Pride post 22.9.06

Now they have lost the Computer that Karr used to further his sick Game. They apparently lost the video surveillance from the bus station as well.Now we will never know who it was in the Bus station, and Karr will walk free. Perverts R us wins again ! Loosing a computer and admitting it is one thing. Loosing the surveillance tape then issuing a GAG ORDER to cover up the incompetence is even worse.

It was said in the Rocky Mountain News article that the because the Ramsey house was some distance from the downtown Boulder bus station that even had the murder occurred prior to midnight, that it is a significant walk from that property on 15th Street to the bus depot. So the author of the article is suggesting that there would not have been enough time for the man to get from the house to the bus station in that time. Well I have walked that route and it is only about 2.3 km and downhill all the way. Now that man would have been highly adrenalised and running for his life - he would have made it in 10 minutes easily

I am certain that the man Dan Pride saw was NOT John Mark Karr. However I think there is a distinct possibility that this man, although not Karr as Pride thinks, may have been one of those present at the murder scene, namely Joe Barnhill Jnr. 

I find it grossly negligent that Boulder Police have not investigated Dan Pride’s story. It is also highly suspicious, if true, that the surveillance tapes went missing. Perhaps it was a case of the Boulder Police destroying evidence that they didn't want to know about


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Ever since obtaining the CORA documents in 2017 I've been curious as to why none of the records relating to the John Mark Karr arrest.

I knew that all the records of the DNA result reports were missing and I explained that by realising that Boulder Police had had them removed from the case records collection. But why were all the records relating to the JMK arrest also missing? Boulder Police would have no reason to remove them from the case records collection; they were an embarrassment to the DA's Office, not them.

But I've just realised - Boulder Police had every reason to remove the JMK records because interspersed among them was all the information Dan Pride had given them plus the information about how they had destroyed the Boulder Bus station videotapes of Christmas night plus how they had intervened to ban Pride from appearing on Larry King Live. 

That's just more evidence that Boulder Police have a lot to hide with respect to this case. Information they don't want the public ever to see because it will show very clearly all the evidence there is of multiple intruders in the house that night

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This is the weird stuff I have read about Dan Pride that does make me wonder

The Unabomber Theodore Kaczynsky (1978-1995)

A considerable amount of credible evidence suggest that Theodore Kaczynsky participated in CIA sponsored MK ULTRA experiments conducted at Harvard University from 1959-1962. During World War II, Henry Murray, the lead researcher in the Harvard experiments, served with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was a forerunner of the CIA. Murray applied for a grant funded by the US Navy, and his Harvard stress experiments strongly resembled those run by the OSS. At the age of sixteen, on his third day of school Kaczynski started to participate, along with twenty-one other undergraduate students, in the Harvard experiments, which have been described as “disturbing” and “ethically indefensible.

There is a deposition from Daniel C. Pride in which he was also given a polygraph test to verify his “Declaration”. Supposedly J. Ray Dettling of Saratoga, CA was connected to the CIA and was heavily involved in the Unabomber operation. He is described as an adventurous guy with a nice house overlooking silicon valley, always traveling, telling wild stories and never at a loss for money even though he didn’t have a job. He explained to his friends that he was paid by the CIA for his services with patents. Since he couldn’t be paid in cash for covert CIA operations the CIA simply granted him the rights to some patents and he lived off of the money generated from these patents. Dettling explained that this was a routine procedure and it was the main way the CIA could pay it’s people for covert operations. In fact, Dettling owned 5 patents from companies that supplied the CIA/FBI with their services.

Mr. Pride has affirmed under oath and with a polygraph test that he was the person who wrote the letter to the NY Times under the name Nathan R.which outlined some bombings before they happened. He claims he hand wrote it from a phone call at Dettling’s house from an acquaintance of Dettling. He also affirms that he came across the Unabomber manifesto on Dettling’s computer about 3 years before it was released. Dettling told him it was a fictional story he was working on and Pride distinctly remembers Dettling quizzing him on the motives of the bomber and he was excited that Pride thought the bombings were unnecessary. They discussed why a timber lobbyist would be killed and then 2 years later a Sacramento timber lobbyist was killed by the Unabomber. Dettling was out late that night and came home intoxicated and very excited remembers Mr. Pride.

Numerous people have testified that Dettling had three wigs similar to the ones on the Unabomber sketch and would wear the wigs, aviator glasses and a hooded white robe around his place when he thought he was alone. There is also testimony of the walls in the rear of the house being covered with shrapnel and looking like someone was exploding small bombs next to the walls. In one part of the manifesto, the Unabomber claims he had trouble finding a place to practice making his bombs which seems very odd if he lived alone in the wilderness of Montana but sounds exactly like Dettling’s plight. It’s also a fact that the Unabomber was seen in Sacramento mailing a bomb and then Kaczcynsky personally deposited money into his bank account in Montana a mere 2 hours later when Montana is a 25hr drive away. This, for all the world, appears to be yet another CIA/MKULTRA operation with Dettling making bombs, sending them and writing the manifesto while the mind controlled Ted Kaczynsky went about his business in a 10′x12′ shack in Montana. Eventually, the Feds raid Ted’s place in Montana, he is put in prison and hasn’t uttered a word about the events. We are told that all the evidence of bombs and manifesto were found in his tiny shack even though none of these items were listed on the official list of items found in the shack. Suddenly, 17 years of terror is wrapped up neatly and the bombings stop. Of course, Mr. Pride is on record with his testimony and has taken a polygraph and passed but the FBI refuses to interview him, telling us that the case is now closed. Very similar to how the DC snipers operation ended. The Feds tell us everything is fine and they refuse to follow up on any other information

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