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 Posted by Holly on 06:26:22 5/21/2000 

      Interesting choice for the creepy Whites. Keenan successfully prosecuted the ONLY other sex ring case I know of in Boulder. They identified the ONE person with expertise in sex ring crime, then wined and dined her. They stood there when she announced her candidacy to show she is their preferred DA, so how could WE possibly be involved in sex ring activity?

2. "It was a very interesting"

 Posted by Holly on 07:10:32 5/21/2000

      unsophisticated, little family sex ring. Morgan knows about it.

4. "And don't forget"

 Posted by darby on 07:27:25 5/21/2000

      Mary Keenan is one of the DA candidates who plans to drop the JBR case like a hot potato. She said of the case, something to the tune of "Boulder is ready to move on." (not exact quote) 

      And Fleet White supports this woman for DA.


 edited to say that Brady's breaking news might negate what I just said. Off to read Brady...

3. "Ah Ha!"

 Posted by MrsBrady on 07:24:13 5/21/2000

      I am joyous when I can one-up Holly - - 

      Today's Daily Times call muddies the water - the Fleet may be supporting Sanderson, not Keenan...


 6. "Hahahahahahahahaha."

 Posted by Holly on 07:58:39 5/21/2000

      What RECENT event could have caused this change of heart?

5. "It sure looks like"

 Posted by darby on 07:40:32 5/21/2000

      Fleet changed his mind. Wonder why. I see that Sanderson says he will be tougher on crime than Alex Hunter and wants to change Boulder's image so that people won't say, upon hearing that someone is from Boulder, "So who do you think did it?"

      What does that mean? Does that mean that Sanderson plans to keep the case alive? I certainly hope so, but I doubt it. 


8. "A lotta switching going on"

  Posted by Ginja on 08:03:59 5/21/2000

      Did White actually switch camps, e.g., openly dump Keenan? I thought it strange he'd associate with Keenan, it didn't jibe with his image to 'fight for JBR'. But then again, didn't she start her campaign out by saying she wanted to see the case resolved. Did she switch views? 


9. "Well it seems like FW"

  Posted by Holly on 08:05:52 5/21/2000

      was there. But I don't think he has necessarily thrown his noose .. er, I mean, support at Sanderson yet.


11. "Fleet White"

  Posted by lake on 16:25:40 5/21/2000

      and his wife seem to show up at these DA candidate gatherings like stalkers. Giving them the evil eye I suspose. Making their presence felt.


19. "But"

  Posted by lake on 21:02:04 5/21/2000

      DAVE SANDERSON, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Hello and thank you for having me. I am going to look at the evidence that's been compiled to date with new eyes, new vision, new blood and new energy. Alex Hunter himself, when he formally announced he was not going to run again, about a week ago used those phrases. And I'm going to come into that office in November, and I'm going to look at what the police have compiled to date with fresh perspective, and I'm going to defer to the professionals here. And the professionals here are Mark Beckner and his police officers at the Boulder Police Department. 

       VAN SUSTEREN: Are you suggesting that Alex Hunter has not done his job, or are you simply saying that looking at the evidence, you might have, as another lawyer would look at evidence, a different view of it? 

      SANDERSON: Probably a little bit of both. Alex Hunter has been in that office. His people have been running that office since Richard Nixon was president. They have been doing the same thing for a long time, and then all of a sudden, the JonBenet Ramsey case comes along.  

      I think you need to get somebody in there who's used to looking at tough cases, different kinds of cases, and applying a new energy and a new vision to what's already out there, making some tough decisions. Not every case is winnable, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you shouldn't go forward and perhaps put the case in front of a jury and let the jury decide.

      COSSACK: Dave, go forward with what? You know, you say that you're going to put it in the hands of the professionals. It seems now that the police have been involved in this case all the same -- for the same amount of time that the district attorney's office. Both entities went before the grand jury for a long period of time and couldn't convince the grand jury that there was enough evidence to indict the Ramseys. I mean, why are you suggesting or are you suggesting that there's some other evidence out there that you could get an indictment with? 

      SANDERSON: I know this investigation is ongoing. There is a letter to the editor of the "Boulder Daily Camera," one of the major local newspapers in Boulder County from Mark Beckner, the chief of police, responding to an editorial that appeared about a week ago in "The Daily Camera" criticizing the police for not pursuing various leads. And it's a rather lengthy letter but the point of it is it's -- Chief Beckner is saying, "Look, this investigation is ongoing. We have evidence that we don't want to talk about, and we're not going to talk about it until we have somebody that we can prosecute for this crime." 

      VAN SUSTEREN: Dave, your governor of your state has focused -- and the Ramseys have made what I would characterize as rather over- the-line statements when an ongoing investigation. But if you become the prosecutor, are you going to go look at other suspects as the Ramseys have asked in their new book and repeated to Larry King last night? Is that the focus, or are you going to focus on the Ramseys?  

      SANDERSON: I'm not ruling anything out, but I'll remind viewers who might have tuned in to Larry King's show that Patsy Ramsey herself suggested "Hey, let's start anew. Let's go back and begin canvassing the neighborhood. Let's start over again." I think that's what I would be inclined to do.


      I don't think that the Whites will be supporting this guy.


21. "Interesting, Holly..." 

 Posted by mary99 on 01:23:35 5/22/2000 

      Yes, how true that the 'We're committed to Justice for JBR' attitude the Whites put forth for three years, all the while crusading against Hunter...has come down to measuring their allegiance to AH replacement candidates based on whether those candidates want to shelve the case, try a half-baked case, or look with 'fresh eyes' at the original case.






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