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Case number CRF-55-798

      Mackie Eugene Boykin Versus State of California.

      Inyo County court house, Independence, Calif.  

Born: 11 Oct 1933

      Died: 9 Nov 1995

      Residence: 93592

      The "93592" zip code is Trona, California, which is east in the desert almost to Death Valley on Rt. 178.

      Rt. 178 appears to be a narrow corridor of civilian land running between the northern and southern sections of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. IOW, the only civilian communities in the entire area are those several small communities along Rt. 178.

      So: Macky Boykin's last known address was Trona, California, and he lived within 5 five miles of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center facility.


 In 1979 Mackie Boykin was charged by the Inyo County court Clerk in Independence, California with inter alia intercourse and oral copulation with a minor. He was put on probation and alcohol abuse counselling was demanded. 

The victim in the case was Nancy Krebs who was 16 at the time. The evidence against Mackie was simply her claims. Her mother and her step-father (who is Macky's brother) were very supportive of her then. They believed her, and stood behind her to press charges and prosecute. It was difficult for the Boykin family, being as Mackie was the step-uncle of Nancy.


Details of Nancy Krebs' information about Mackie Boykin that she provided to Boulder Police included the fact that he had molested her over many years while part of a group of pedophiles. Within the group Mackie carried out his special skill, which was the manipulation of a garotte that he used on the little girls in order to simulate in their bodies what was the appearance of an orgasmic response. The technique was to momentarily shut off the blood supply to the brain by tightening the noose and then releasing it again. When sufficient pressure on the carotid arteries was applied for just a few seconds the victim would lose consciousness, then the pressure would be released the victim would regain consciousness and it the process the body movements would provide sexually exciting viewing for the onlookers.


Mackie Boykin had died in November 1995 at least a year before JonBenet's murder. A new garotte manipulator would have been trained up to allow the activities of the group to continue. Who was it? Likely it was someone who resided in California. 

It could have been this same person who travelled to Boulder and stayed in Boulder over Christmas 1996 and manipulated the garotte that ended up fatally strangling JonBenet.  


Nancy did not accuse anyone else of sexually abusing her back in 1979, only Mackie Boykin. However, when she came to Boulder early 2000 to provide information to Boulder Police that she thought might be helpful in their investigation of JonBenet's murder, she accused Fleet White Snr of having abused her also.

Fleet White Snr was Nancy Krebs' godfather, that is an established fact that shows a clear link to Nancy. Fleet White Snr had moved from California to Colorado by 1996 and was was living in Aspen at the time of JonBenet's murder

There were rumours of another party in Boulder the night of the 25th/26th at which both Fleet White Snr and Nancy's grandmother, Gwen Boykin were reported to have been present


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Ms. Superduper
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09/20/2013 02:25 AM

Although it says this is the 32nd video of the case, I think it gives a pretty good overview of the case, if you're interested. I would pin this but I cannot stay up as late tonight as I know I would be up on this topic. My husband 'be calling me'.

It is my belief that this is something that goes so far up the elite ladder that it may not ever be completely revealed. It reminds me of the group in Rosemary's Baby except there are more parties in the group, but the group that was at the Ramsey's that night DO remind me of those in Rosemary's Baby. There are some similarities to The Franklin Coverup but in a different victim economic level. 

It's the "party after the party" that these things typically happen (from The Franklin Coverup). Things that you never want to hear about really, involving children and people in high places. I also believe it is generational ritual abuse of the family(ies) and many are involved that are perhaps illuminati families. I do believe, however, that there were/are people in that town/area that do these things on a regular basis. I have heard that area is a hotbed of pedophilia.

The patrolmen who were first called to that home were immediately transferred to states as far away as FL. Alex Hunter left a couple of years after the case, many were threatened and maybe even killed as a result of this investigation. Some of the detectives split as well. 

Mary Bienkowski, mentioned in this video, sure has a lot of information about the type of people involved in this type of behavior and her patient knows even more. The patient is a ritual abuse survivor, but not of the elite brand, just a regular person who was abused since here childhood by some of these very persons. That went back decades - her alleged abuse by J.Ramsey when she was a small child, and knows the man in the next paragraph.

There was an older man who was phoned on the eve of the murder, according to phone records, and he had a chalet in Aspen. We (of the JBR forum) employed a private investigator (PI) to find out about this man; the PI came back freaked out after pulling the man up on a records computer, and said "here - take your money back - I'm not touching this - the man's name on said records list was flagged, which meant that he had a mark by his name NOT TO GO THERE in other words. He is really someone really BIG, and scary, and was not to be toyed with, even for records' sake. 

We never found out tha man's "real" identity and just who is was in terms of power and reputation. The name that he went by, I have a feeling, is not his given name. The PI was NOT going to pursue the investigation of the man in question. He, obviously, was someone not to be crossed. He looked like some old German guy with white hair, wealth, and an obvious facelift.

Anyway, the reporter who recently filed this lawsuit is trying to get the Grand Jury indictment unsealed. The grand jury found that there were grounds for an indictment, but good ole' boy Alex Hunter blocked that, rather blatently in my opinion. I hope the indictment is unsealed. 

Most of the parties have scattered from Boulder by now, either by running from their positions in the justice system or to avoid the spotlight of whatever was coming. Others have run away in fear of their life. I wonder how many of those in the know have survived to this day.


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