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December 2002

The Good Reverend Bayes

One of the more perplexing clues in this case is jacquline Dilson's testimony. She was Chris Wolf's live in girl friend at the time of the crime. She noticed his irratic behavior just after the crime which initially made her feel he could have something to do with the crime. He wouldn't have Christmas dinner with her family, didn't tell her or anyone else why or where he was going, then wasn't seen by anyone until five am the next morning taking a shower with "Very dirty" clothes laying on the floor. After taking a shower he went to bed which tells me he was just getting in.

 His first alibi was, "I don't remember being out Christmas night."
He later amended it to, he went for a drive late afternon, early evening and was home by 9:30. (The same time the "Mysterious" stranger was seen approaching the Ramsey's house the day of the crime).
Dilson's story differs. She stated she was up until 10:00.
She wrestled with the problem for a month before going to her lawyer for advice. Together they went to the police. 

The police didn't agree with her and Thomas called her a flake. 
I disagree. I've seen that business she was running and no flake could have run it. When the police didn't believe her she went to pieces, couldn't run the business any longer and ended up fleeing the
state, and not leaving a phone number where she could be reached.

Thomas already was sure that patsy had committed this crime and his theory totally classhed with hers. So he called her a flake and everyone believed him. Here's a guy who has had two different alibis about where he was that night. What he's saying is, he wouldn't have Christmas dinner with her and her family so he could go for a five hour drive.

Why is everyone assuming she is a flake? Because Thomas said she was?
I think she coulld be a key to this case but everyone is writing her off. She suppiled a lot of information all of which made sense. A Wolf in Santa's clothing could have visited her that night.

How would you like it if you suspected your live in boy friend of the crime and a month later you still think he could have done it, so you go to the police and they don't believe you? Would you drop everything you've been working for and flee to anothet state?

There is not one piece of evidence that tells me she is or ever has been a flake. She wasn't looking for headlines, picture taking or anything else flakes do to get attention.

I think she was scared to death.

Just another important clue overlooked and dismissed.

The connection to Ms. Claus is there. I've got at least three pages on him and her that tells me there's a real good chance Jackie could be right about this but it's much too long to go into now.

Ten times more then anything anyone has on the Ramseys. 
Coming shortly to a post near you, if all goes well and the creek don't rise.


We all have either known some woman or seen some TV-movie about some woman who stays in an abusive relationship. Here we have a woman who had invested a great deal of time and energy as well as a substantial sum of money in a business, but who abandoned it at great loss of funds and dreams, moved out of state and severed all connections with the boyfriend.

So, I ask you one question: which of those two courses of action sounds more like it would be undertaken by a flake?

Other points of note:

His alibi changed. (It doesn't matter from what to what).

He apparently did an early morning laundry of just a few items when normally he loathes doing the laundry at all.

Most people in some sort of 'relationship' generally are desirous or at least feel obligated to spend Christmas with the girlfriend.

He may well have simply had some 'strange' sexual encounter in the 'adult entertainment' district and it could be totally unrelated to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

I would assume the cops checked his dna. Didn't he appear at some woman's door "dressed suitably and uh, prepared to provide a sample of his dna"?

Weird dude at the very least. Very weird if he is the killer and he sued the Ramseys.


I found it intriguing that two people exclaimed incest upon hearing of JonBenet's death...Wolf and Santa. Santa was Wolf's advisor. Undoubtedly they conversed about Ramsey prior to, during, or just after the crime. The only other public accusation of incest was the dictionary in their home.


"I have met both Jackie and Chris. I know a little about both of them. I even went to Dakota one time years ago when it was just starting. I know that CW hated big business and thought that John Ramsey was working with Lockheed building guns to kill third world people. I also have heard that he had a friend that worked for Access Graphics.

Jackie and Chris seemed like pretty nice people to me. But over these years I have heard alot of things that would lead me to believe that he could possibly be the killer. I would only wish for him that if he is the killer that he would turn himself in. Knowing him the little I do I believe this could be the case of some misdirected anger and that he would really not want to hurt anyone else. He is a very smart man and if he did do this I think that he could help by turning himself in and writing.

I have talked to Jackie in the last few years and she cannot say for 100% that she knows Chris did this. But she sure has some very good questions. If she didn't no one would have heard anything she had to say.

As far as Dakota. She was in the start up phase of her business. I eventually ended up doing her book for her so I know. She doubled her business every year she had it. As far as the LLC you have it wrong Don. The business was not in dissaray. This was still in start-up mode when Jonbenet was murdered."



What do you know about his friend at AG? Do you think he could have known of the $118,000 claim of Jeff Merricks for back wages from AG? Or of John's bonus in virtually the same amount?

The crime scene tells me that the killer was anti-capitalist, anti-corporation, anti-religion, anti-fat cat/individual wealth or conspicuous consumption. I think the perp has a temper, resents women, has a dysfunctional background, may be bisexual..IYO Do any of these characterize Mr. Wolf?

What can you tell us of his background, where from? family? His relationship to Outward Bound children's organization? What were his interests? Soldier of Fortune? Mountain climbing? sailing? camping?



I know that the friend from AG was speaking to him about the Ramsey's. This was told to me by the friend.

If CW killed jonbenet he had already been in and out of the house. I have been told also that he has been known to stalk people.

I wasn't real surprised to hear this information as he seemed to have a very secret side to him when I talked with him. 

There is a woman the police called after the murder. She said that he expressed to her very strong anti capitalist views and also very anti John Ramsey. These views were expressed long before the murder.

He seemed to get along well with Jackie when I saw them together. But I did hear from someone else that worked at Dakota that he could go off pretty easily.

If I am not mistaken didn't one of the reporters also mention he worked for Outward Bound and was a mountain climber. Don't people who climb mountains know alot about knots?

I guess after reading Beckner's depo. that he admitted being homosexual. From what I gather from Jackie they had a sex life. So maybe he is bisexual.


The Good Reverend Bayes

Finally someone has reaffirmed what I've been saying about Jackie all along.

People have been dismissing her as a flake because Steve Thomas said she was. 

To me, she showed courage few people have. She was living with this guy! She waited a month and even a month later she still thought he could have something to do with it. Why would she drop everything she's ever worked for and flee the state? Why wouldn't she leave a number where he could reach her?

She never once tried to get into the public eye or sell anything. I wrote an ode to her over a year ago on this website, but everyone would rather believe Thomas. Thanks Angie, it was good to see another side of Jackie from someone who would know a little about her.

I still think she could be a key to this whole thing.



People that are dysfunctional or troubled in one area, or in one way, in their life may function pretty normally in a day to day work or home environment. She may very well have had some "issues" and at the same time, been a successful business woman. None of which, if it were true, tells us that she wasn't telling the truth or that her concerns weren't legitimate. One of the problems with witnesses is that they very often are imperfect people or even criminal. If the authorities don't agree with their testmony then they attack their character.

I think Ms. Dilson may have some "codependent" type issues or she might not have gotten mixed up with Mr. Wolf or stayed around when it became known he was volatile, threatening, and promiscuous. But I think the woman really tried to do the right thing by mentioning her concerns to her lawyer and the police. I think she must have faced down a lot of fear to do so. For that I commend her. I don't think she was out to "get even" with CW which I think is his spin on her ratting him out.

I think the police hung her out to dry, they betrayed her, ridiculed her, left her in a difficult and potentially dangerous situation. I think they and Mr. glib CW twisted what she had to say or honed in on her fears and incompletely thought out theories rather than the legitimate concerns that she had. This obviously was due to their preconcieved notions about the case and their lack of professionalism.

And I appreciate Angie's forthrightness.

Based on what we have learned of Mr. CW's life style I have to say, in truth, he needn't worry about anyone else's flakiness - he has enough flakes of his own to last a lifetime.



Addressing Angie - 

I have believed that the perp was familiar with the business community and possibly had a friend in AG who would have told him of the Jeff Merrick flap. Can you be more specific about the friend's position in the company as it might relate to his being able to obtain and forward information about John's bonus and the Merrick incident, which as you can tell from my posts above, are related to the RN.

And can you be more specific about why CW was mad at John whom he didn't know personally?

And can anyone tell me why CW said he'd never heard of AG or Ramsey when in fact he had written about the company for his paper AND we find out now that he had a friend who worked for them all along. H echanged his alibi, he lied about his knowledge of AG and JOHN?



As far as being afiliated with Boulder Business didn't CW write for the Boulder Business Report? Seems like you could see what was going on in the buisness world in Boulder.

The friend who worked for AG partied alot with other employee's and they talked about everything when they were drinking. Maybe CW is really suffering inside. I didn't know him well enough to say. But just say he was. If he was angry maybe he needed a cause. I'll show that fat cat Ramsey who's boss. 

Someone who saw the Police Report that Jackie gave told me that CW was talking about hate for John before anything even came out yet on the news. Somewhere in the time frame of the 26th of Dec.1996




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