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Unknown person broke into house and slept in JonBenet's bed and left behind a suitcase and a pair of cowboy boots in the fall of 1996

from Death of Innocence” by John and Patsy Ramsey:

Also, in the fall of 1996
Laura Stebe, the lady who kept an eye on our house in

Charlevoix when we weren't there, went to the house and found an open, very

neatly packed suitcase at the foot of JonBenet's bed. A pair of cowboy boots was

sitting beside the suitcase. JonBenet's bed had obviously been slept in. Laura

assumed we had given someone permission to use our home after we returned to

Colorado. After JonBenet's murder, Laura called this incident to our attention. We had

no idea who could have been in our house at that time. Could this intruder be related in

some way to JonBenet's murder? Possibly. If someone entered our house and stayed

there, why did he pick JonBenet's bed to sleep in? The house had nine beds. More

important, who was he? This information was given to the Boulder police, but to our

knowledge was never followed up further with Laura.

Also in the fall of 1996 an unknown male outside the Ramsey house flagged down a passing motorist and demanded to be taken to the airport 

A resident of Charlevoix was driving down the street past the Ramsey home. A man came running out in front of the Ramsey house and waved down the motorist. He then jumped into the motorist's vehicle and insisted on being given a ride to the airport.  He was very agitated and the motorist felt he had little choice but to give the man a ride.  During that ride the man made threats to the driver he had flagged down and ranted and raved about John Ramsey.

from John Ramsey interview


4 We had the incident of someone

5 sleeping in JonBenet's bed while we were

6 gone. We had the incident of somebody

7 running down the hill saying they were going

8 to get even with me and harm my daughter.

Apart from the following article no information about these Charlevoix incidents ever made it to the media:

Rocky Mountain News

Cops sought clues to threats

Unsealing of warrants reveals goals of January search of Ramseys' Michigan vacation home

By Lisa Levitt Ryckman

November 7, 1997

Police investigating the JonBenet Ramsey murder searched the family's Michigan vacation home in early January to look for evidence of a break-in or threats against the family.

The affidavit and search warrant released Thursday by District Judge Richard May allowed police to search the white Victorian-style home in the resort town of Charlevoix for answering-machine tapes, caller identification.

"They found nothing, and they took nothing out of the house,'' Rachelle Zimmer, spokeswoman for the family, said.

 In documents supporting the Jan. 5 search warrant, Boulder police Detective Jane Harmer said investigators wanted to look for any evidence that the Ramsey vacation home had been broken into or watched. Six-year-old JonBenet's battered body was found in the basement of her Boulder home about eight hours after her mother, Patsy Ramsey, reported her missing. Her mother gave police a three-page ransom note she said she found on an interior stairway early that morning.

The note said JonBenet had been kidnapped by a "group representing a small foreign faction.'' Harmer used that fact to support her request for a search of the vacation home. The house, which sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, has been a frequent retreat for the family and was their destination Dec. 26.

May delayed a ruling on a request by KMGH-Channel 7 and The Denver Post to unseal documents from a March search of the Charlevoix home. Charlevoix County prosecutor Mary Beth Kur approved unsealing the papers from the first search but argued that the investigation could suffer serious damage if documents from the March search were released prior to an arrest in the case.

Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter has called John and Patsy Ramsey a focus of the investigation but has emphasized that all leads are being pursued.

The January search warrant said police would look for tapes from answering machines, caller ID devices or other phone recording devices. They also were looking for mail or other papers "from any person, group or faction containing or alluding to threats to any member of the Ramsey family and ... physical evidence indicating that a breaking and entering or unlawful entry, illegal entry or surveillance has occurred in the home.''

The accompanying affidavit, signed by Harmer, said "there may be evidence that the Charlevoix home may have been watched by the perpetrators,'' who may have called or sent letters there to "monitor the comings and goings of the Ramsey family.''

 However, police never questioned the Charlevoix housekeeper about the suitcase and cowboy boots or the motorist who drove the unknown man from the front of the Ramsey house to the airport. 

Subsequently the housekeepers and the Charlevoix motorist did make contact with the Ramseys and expressed their concerns and it is only because of this that this information has become publicly known.

The man who slept in JonBenet's bed and got a ride to the airport in September 1996 3 months before the murder is very likely to have been the one person. From what the is reported to have said to the Charlevoix motorist who drove him to the airport, he  made threats against John and JonBenet. Very likely was the murderer. I don't know why Boulder Police did not pursue this line of investigation.  


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