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I think Dr Meyer overlooked this mark because it was very faint and very tiny and with all the other horrific injuries inflicted on her this one did not seem to be significant to him at the time.

A report from DA investigator Andy Horita dated November 7 2007 makes it clear though, that this mark is the pair to the very large dark mark on her right cheek just below her ear. The relevant part of Horita's report reads:

The victim bore a single rust colored irregular shaped mark on her right cheek (3/8 inch by 1/4 inch) and a rust coloured irregular shaped mark on the right side of her chin (3/16 inch by 1/8 inch). The marks measured about 3.5 cm apart.

I think this information came from Doberson who I think must have done further investigation into what could be the mark that was the pair to the single mark that Meyer had reported in the autopsy:

Located just below the right ear at the right angle of the mandible, 1.5 inches below the right external auditory canal is a 3/8 X 1/4 inch area of rust colored abrasion.

Here is video footage of Doberson pointing out the position of the second mark. It as at location 26:30. The second rust coloured mark measuring 3/16 X 1/8 inch in area and located on the right side of the chin 3.5 cm distant from the large black mark on her right cheek just below her ear.

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