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There was a story that came out in which there there had been a sighting by three homeless men, of a tall man carrying a child to a house at 917 Baseline, the night JonBenet was murdered. The following year all three men were dead.

Daniel Julian died July 97. Was found drowned in Boulder Creek

Thomas Lemmon died August 97. Was found drowned in Boulder Creek

David Emmett Simpson (aka “Mad Dog”) died Sept 3 1997. Was found bashed to death on one of the wooded trails near the Boulder Creek

While the third man's death was undoubtedly a murder, the same cannot be said about the drownings. Could they actually have been murder? And could the third man have been tracked down and bashed to death because he had witnessed one or both of the murders by drowning? According to local journalist and forum poster Mary Suma (Mame), there was always some question as to whether or not complete autopsies were done to determine exact cause of death. 

A woman by the name of Stacey Denton, I think was the person to whom the story about the three homeless men was attributed. She was known to have sung with those three men at the Pearl Street Mall in times past. Stacey apparently fled Boulder soon after the deaths of the men, apparently in fear for her own life.

According to Mame, she and many others looked into the possibility of whether these deaths could have been connected in some way to the murder of JonBenet and never came up with anything. I also have wondered whether there was any connection and I do think I have come up with a connection. What more perfect way of obtaining a sample for DNA testing to substitute for someone who didn't want his own DNA sample submitted for testing for fear that it would match the DNA found in JonBenet's panties?


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00. 1997-12-24 News Article: 48-year-old homeless man, David Emmit Simpson, face was beaten

01. Stacy Denton, played guitar and sang at the Pearl St. mall with 3 homeless guys
02. She was a folksinger from the Pearl Street Mall for 11 years, with her bird, Dolly
03. Stacy Denton claimed JonBenet's murder happened at 917 Baseline Road
04. She said the murder weapon possibly was in the basement, in a heating duct
05. She said it happened in the basement at 917 Baseline on the pool table
06. She said the green fibers in JonBenet's hair were from the pool table.
07. She said her homeless friends spotted John Ramsey carrying JonBenet's body in garment bag
08. She said her friends reported what they saw and were murdered, dumped into Boulder Creek
09. The three homeless guys witness a man carrying body 12/25/1996 by 917 Baseline house
10. Two of the homeless men were Daniel Julian (July 97), Thomas Lemmon (Aug 97)
11. Third homeless man was David Emmett Simpson (aka "Mad Dog") who died Sept 97
12. Stacy Denton said JonBenet Ramsey died in a "A Dianic Wicca ritual"
13. Stacy feared for her life after her three friends died and she left the state
14. Stacy said "I found that around the U.S., Boulder is known as "Occult Central"
15. Stacy said "A painter found occult paraphelnalia in all of John Ramsey's offices!

Internet Subculture Feedback:

16. 1999-04-10 Starfist posted on Justice Watch about street person sending FAX at Safeway
17. 1999-04-10 Starfist questions whether the person sending FAX at Safeway is Jameson
18. 1999-04-14 Starfist obtained the political cartoon that was FAXED from Safeway
19. 2001-05-21 Stacy Denton tells story on BNF about political cartoon and 917 Baseline
20. 2001-05-21 Stacy Denton put her "Ballad To Jon Benet" on the Boulder News Forum
21. 2001-06-18 Nandee posts the house owner information on Cybersleuths forum
22. 2001-06-18 ACandyRose posts names of house residents on the Cybersleuths forum
23. 2001-06-21 Kimba posts some research on reverse telehone numbers on Cybersleuths forum
24. 2001-06-27 Chatter posts on Cybersleuths forum the location where house pic is
25. 2001-06-27 Jameson posts a picture of the house on her Webbsleuths forum
26. 2005-05-23 Eagle1 posts that he/she and others e-mailed with Stacy Denton at one time
27. 2005-07-21 BienHoa1968 posted names of 3 homeless men on Cybersleuths forum

Stacy Denton seems to have disappeared and Internet posters were still asking in 2005 if anybody has heard from her or anything else on this story. More currently in 2007, I found a Daily Camera News article titled, "Club offers support to homeless" that talks about "a Stacy Denton" and was wondering if this is the same Stacy Denton who told this story so many years ago?

Quotes from the following article:

"Rain or shine, snow or sun, every morning Stacy Denton grabs the same table in the back of the Pearl Street Mall Starbucks near the stir sticks and the creamer."

"Denton is sort of like the group's matriarch. Always concerned for her friends' well-being, she's become notorious for her constant storm forecasts, earning her the label "homeless weather lady."

"Although she's often a rock for others, Denton credits the morning meetings — which can last from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. — for keeping her off the streets."

"That's where she found herself in 1999, at age 46. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by "the nastiest divorce," Denton was eating out of Dumpsters and sleeping under a Boulder Creek tunnel."

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A news article at the time reporting on the death of David Emmett Simpson


Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO) (Published as Rocky Mountain News (CO)) - September 6, 1997

  • Kevin McCullen  

A man found beaten to death near the Boulder Creek Path this week was homeless, authorities said Friday.

 The Boulder County coroner's office identified the victim as David Emmett Simpson, 48, who has lived for years on Boulder's streets.

He had an extensive alcohol-related arrest record for such offenses as harassment, trespassing and open-container violations and was issued more than two dozen municipal citations this year alone, according to Boulder police records.

Simpson died of blunt-force injuries to his head and face. Toxicology reports on his body are expected in several weeks.

His body was found Wednesday night on the north edge of the University of Colorado campus, near the Boulder Creek Path. CU police were leading the investigation into the homicide, the first on campus property since 1984.

About 16 officers from CU and three detectives on loan from the Boulder County Sheriff's Department were interviewing Simpson's street companions and other potential witnesses, CU spokeswoman Pauline Hale said.

Some older homeless men in Boulder have reported being assaulted in the past year by young people. A longtime Boulder street person who was arrested this summer for brandishing a knife complained of being threatened by teen-agers, a police report said.

Three other homeless men died in accidents this summer in Boulder, including a man who stumbled drunk onto a busy street and another who drowned in a ditch.



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In 2000 an Oregon man confessed to the murder of Simpson. It is not known if it was a genuine confession or more in the nature of an expedient statement


Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO) - December 29, 2000

Tillie Fong News Staff Writer

A convicted murderer in Oregon has confessed to the 1997 slaying of a transient near the University of Colorado campus. An arrest warrant for first-degree murder was issued to Gregory Steven Ashcraft, 45, on Dec. 14. Ashcraft is serving a 25-year sentence at the Snake River Correctional Institute in Ontario, Ore., for a slaying there.

"He confessed to it while he was in jail to an FBI agent and an Oregon state police officer,'' said Lt. Michell Irving with University of Colorado, Boulder police.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit released Thursday, Ashcraft also confessed to a slaying in Washington. He talked about the crimes because he thought he would be transferred to a federal "country club type'' facility, authorities said. 

According to the affidavit, Ashcraft said he arrived in Boulder after taking a train from Salt Lake City a few days before Labor Day 1997. He checked into the Addiction Recovery Center in Boulder, where he met David Simpson, 48. After they were released from the center Sept. 3, they went drinking along Boulder Creek. The two got into an argument, the affidavit said, and Ashcraft said he threw rocks at Simpson. Ashcraft said he checked into the detox center the next day, and once he sobered up, he left Boulder.

Irving said Thursday that CU police are working with the district attorney's office to extradict Ashcraft.

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